Special Information for Medical Doctors

If you are a medical doctor in the Bloomington-Normal area, thank you for taking the time to learn about our office. We want you to know that we are different than many other chiropractors because we work WITH medical doctors. We will never deny a patient the proper care that he or she needs.

When a patient comes to see us, we do not simply lay the patient down and adjust him or her. We perform a thorough examination which includes range of motion, muscle tone and strength, neurological examination, and orthopedic examination. We also take X-rays when needed for a proper understanding of the patient's anatomical presentation. If we truly believe we can help the patient, we will tailor our treatment plans on an individual level.

Our short-term goal is to decrease pain in our patients, but we also work to realign the skeletal structure, which can take a lot of stress off the joints, ligaments, muscles, discs, and nearby neuronal structures. When structure is improved, improved function usually follows. We have a treat-and-release policy where we look for improved function objectively as well as subjectively. If we find that chiropractic is insufficient for the patient, we work with his or her medical doctor to make sure things like NSAIDS, rehabilitation, or other options are not neglected.

As far as safety is concerned, we ask you to take a look at our chiropractic research which has been provided by the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress. It explains much of what we do as well as safety, effectiveness, and philosophy. If you ever have any questions about what we do or if we can help one of your patients, please don't hesitate to email drgroves@schnack-chiropractic.com. Thank you for your time!